Guru Rinpoche

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Padmasambhava, the lotus-born, known in Tibetan as Guru Rinpoche, was invited from India to Tibet in the 8th century AD to assist in the establishment of Buddhism there. Through his awesome mastery of tantric practices, he is said to have transformed hostile spirits and negative forces into guardians and protectors of the dharma. His powerful presence allowed the completion of Samye, the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet. His compassionate act of hiding numerous “treasure teachings” or “terma” secured the continued revelation of Vajrayana teachings for future generations. Guru Rinpoche wears the garments of both kings and monks to demonstrate his royal status in both the worldly and spiritual spheres. His implements, posture, and the swirling elements surrounding him all demonstrate his ultimate attainment of Vajrayana with its accompanying power and energy.

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