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All About Intention

Published in Ventana Monthly News and Entertainment, March 2016

When I first started teaching, I thought that I was just making pretty things,” Rinchen-Wongmo says. “But it’s a major spiritual experience. These images carry the energy of the centuries of practice. They carry the teachings with them.

International Buddhist Door

Stitching as Meditation in the Pieced-Silk Thangkas of Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo

Published in International Buddhist Door, August 2014

Rinchen-Wongmo’s encounter with the rarer pieced-silk thangkas (göchen thangka) taught her the immense power that the creation of Buddhist imagery can have on the artist.

World Lifestyle

Stitching Buddhas: Can Sewing be Meditation?

Published in Your World Lifestyle, August 2014

Many of us don’t use our hands much anymore, aside from typing on a keyboard and swiping a touchscreen. Working with needle and thread reawakens our tactile intelligence.

From The Heart

Threads of Awakening: Buddhism in Art

Published in Your Health Connection, March 2013

For Rinchen-Wongmo, this style of art is a merging of her spiritual study and practice, combined with her playful joy and creativity.

KCET Artbound

Virtual Buddhist Art Apprenticeships: Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo’s Online Ancient Tibetan Spiritual Art Form

Published in KCET Artbound, December 2012

Rinchen-Wongmo’s exploration of pieced-silk thangkas taught her to meditate.

Fiber Art Now

Intersections: The Work of Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo

Published in Fiber Art Now, Fall 2012

How a western woman became a modern fabric artist working in an ancient Asian tradition is the story of another kind of intersection.

Tibetan artist

Oxnard artist specializes in Tibetan appliqué

Published in Ventura County Star, July 2012

How an economic development tour in traditional arts turned her life in a completely new trajectory.

Tibetan Meditation with Needle & Thread

Published in Spirituality & Health, January-February 2011

How a California girl became a master of the rare Tibetan practice of sewing sacred textiles.




Creating Buddhas

Published in FiberArts, January 2010

Review of a documentary DVD about Leslie’s four-year apprenticeship to learn the skill of making fabric thangkas.




Rare Tibetan Art Form Blossoms in Italy

Published in Reuters, December 17, 2008

Coverage of Leslie’s silk thangka show in Milan, December 2008.





Swatches: Thangkas — Silk Mosaics

Published in FiberArts, Summer 1999

All about Leslie’s journey to become one of the only Westerners to create silk thangkas.




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