Are you ready to discover the spiritual power
embodied in a rare Buddhist art tradition and connect to that
sacred energy within yourself?

Join Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo,
an artist who has studied with Tibetan masters in India,
for an experiential encounter with sacred art.

Threads of Awakening

Sacred Art Experience

In this special afternoon, you’ll

  • Witness the step-by-step unfolding of a sacred masterpiece
  • Follow one woman’s journey through India to her life’s purpose
  • Watch Tibetan monks transport a massive thangka that simultaneously blesses thousands of viewers
  • Meet Green Tara, female buddha, protectress, and embodiment of spiritual aspirations
  • Revel in the color, texture, and beauty of intricate silken images
  • Take the first step on the path to creating your own silk buddha, wrapping horsehair with silk thread.

none currently scheduled

Contact us to invite Leslie to schedule a Sacred Art Experience for your group.

Have questions? Write to Leslie at or call 805-626-8272.