The Moment that Passed Before it Arrived (or “The moment has never passed. Celebrate and share now!”)

Victory Banner, detail from"Green Tara (on island)" ©1998 Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo

Over the past nine months, lots has been happening behind the scenes at Threads of Awakening, becoming visible little by little throughout the year.

Eager to share with you, I keep thinking I’ll announce the various developments when they’re finished — details of the website, new logo, new videos, a studio space, and workshops you can attend.

The problem is that nothing ever gets really finished (complete, done, perfect)!

Each idea leads to another in a continuous flow of change and growth. As soon as a website is re-designed, for example, the contact of vision with “reality” gives rise to lists of changes to be made. Long-term projects are like that. And so is life.

So I don’t announce… and don’t announce… until at some undetectable point, it seems too late.

It seems anticlimactic to introduce the website or video that’s already been online a few months. The moment of completion has passed without ever having arrived!

Hmm… my tendency might be to say, “Oh well, I guess there’s nothing to announce after all.”

But that would that deprive YOU of all the wonderful tidbits I have to share. And it would deprive me of celebrating with you.

So I’m not going to give in to this voice of perfectionism that holds off celebration until some magical moment of accomplishment. And I’m not going to give in to the voice of smallness that assumes you already know what I haven’t yet told you.

Instead, over the coming weeks, I’ll be shining a light on recent developments at Threads of Awakening and Stitching Buddhas, pointing out details you may not have noticed and revealing the fabric behind the Weekly Wake-Ups.

We’ll look at the new logo, based on a traditional calligraphic seal by Tashi Mannox, next week.

Do you have something that you are waiting for the perfect moment to acknowledge? Why not declare the moment NOW and share it here? Just leave a comment below. I’d love to celebrate with you.

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  1. Kimberly Graham09-28-11

    Yes, I have something: I decided last night to join the Gold program. You know what I mean. 🙂 Let’s go spread the love, I’m in!!
    Be well!
    p.s. I LOVE the changes to your site, the video (go Jen and go you!) and the Stitching Buddhas!!!


      Congratulations, Kimberly! You will love it. Keep stepping forward and honoring yourself and the gifts you can share. Don’t be surprised if the growth you experience is different and more than you expect. 🙂

  2. Karen E.09-28-11

    Hi Leslie,
    In the spirit of giving me a push, I want to share that I have finished my first novel. I have a contact to a excellent literary agent and have been holding off until…as you point out…it is perfect, with all its grammatical corrections made. Never mind that the dozen or so people that have read it (or devoured it I should say) have given it a collective thumbs up even with its foibles. SO…you have inspired me dear friend, and I am going to send it on to my contact to review and give to the agent. I am scared to death…but here goes…the next step of my journey begins….


      Standing beside you and wishing you well. Congratulations on all that you’ve created, Karen. Foibles, shmoibles, perfection is overrated. But excellence, now that’s worth working for. Hugs to you.

  3. Louise09-28-11

    You’ve peaked my curiosity Leslie!


      🙂 and you, my friend, have wondrous accomplishments to share. I’m so inspired by and proud of your work.

  4. Samaya09-28-11

    Thank you for your wisdom!
    And don’t you love Thay’s saying:
    No mud, no lotus! xoxoxoxoxoxo


      No mud, no lotus! So true 😉

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