Mystified by the images hanging on dharma center walls?

Bought a thangka while traveling in Nepal but don’t know what it means?


Tibetan Buddhist images carry centuries of wisdom
that’s equally relevant to our lives today.

They are meant to inspire, and they’re a lot more inspiring
when you know what you’re looking at.

In the upcoming four-week online course,

Untangling the Threads of Awakening: An Introduction to Tibetan Buddhist Textile Art

we’ll explore the spiritual function of thangkas, get to know some of their most important figures, and discover a rare and precious form of thangka that’s stitched from pieces of silk.

I’m not a lama, an art historian, or a scholar, but I have spent thousands of hours MAKING this very special kind of thangka.

I lived among Tibetans in India for almost a decade, took teachings every day, and absorbed a lot of Buddhist culture. Information that’s second nature to Tibetans is mysterious to the rest of us, and hard to find in a straightforward, accessible form.

My intention is to give you just that — an accessible introduction to Tibetan Buddhist images, especially in their textile incarnation.

By the end of the course,

  • you will know what a thangka is and have a general familiarity with Buddhist imagery;
  • you’ll be able to distinguish stitched thangkas from painted thangkas;
  • identify 7 important figures commonly seen in Tibetan Buddhist art;
  • and, most importantly, relate to these images in a personally inspiring way.

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