Creating Buddhas:
the Making & Meaning of Fabric Thangkas

Leslie’s story is the focus of the acclaimed documentary film Creating Buddhas: The Making and Meaning of Fabric Thangkas, produced by Soulful Media.


Creating Buddhas is an hour-long documentary about a western woman who creates Buddhas out of silk. Fabric thangkas are silken images of enlightened beings. These pieced and embroidered, patchwork and appliqué paintings are so rare and precious in Tibet that some are displayed only once a year — and then for only for a few hours.

This film explores Leslie’s life-changing journey of discovering fabric thangka; her apprenticeship in Dharmasala, India; the step-by-step process of producing a fabric thanka; and the history and spiritual significance of this art form in Tibetan Buddhism. Over the course of the film, we watch Leslie produce a thangka of the female buddha, Tara. This fascinating unfolding is interspersed by interviews with renowned Tibetan art scholars Robert Thurman, Glenn Mullin, Jonathan Landaw, and Valrae Reynolds, as well as feminine spirituality author, China Galland.

Detail, devotion, and delight are words to describe Creating Buddhas. Not only is the journey of this ancient art form seen through Leslie’s passion and skill in creating the fabric thangka, it is made beautifully visible by its filmmaker in capturing the pieces of both story and image.
~ Susan Eaton Mendenhall, Spatial Impact

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Art for your Highest Aspirations

Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo stitches buddhas from silk. Her inspiring sacred textiles are art for your highest aspirations. Watch Leslie stitch and learn about the ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition from which this exquisite artwork arises.

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